Friday, September 23, 2016

The (Grand) Girl and the Pickup Truck

I drove to the construction site the other day. It had rained, and mud and yuck covered the landscape. Of course my granddaughter was there; she was helping her daddy with some of his work.

Well we had to go on an errand so my granddaughter and I hopped into my pickup, my clean pickup. You guessed it. She brought a bunch of yuck with her into the truck.

Of course she felt bad. “It’s okay,” I said, and it really was. You should have seen the driver’s side; it was worse and I even said so. But she still felt bad. That’s because she’s a very special sweetie.

“Look,” I said. “I’d rather have a messy pickup and have my granddaughter with me, than a clean pickup and no granddaughter.”

That needs repeating.

I’d rather have a messy pickup and my granddaughter, than a clean pickup and no granddaughter.

She smiled and said she knew that, and I suspect she did.

Well that’s pretty much the story. We bounced out of the muddy field, onto the road, and away on our errand.

As for the pickup, well it survived. You see, as a granddaughter, she can track mud and yuck anywhere she wants.

That's because she’s my sweetie.

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