Thursday, December 29, 2016

Papa and the Dump Truck

So what’s a college professor doing driving a dump truck?

One of my boys needed help.

We were at the diggins, the boy’s new house, and we needed to move dirt from the back of the poured foundation to the front of the property. To do this we used a skid loader and a dump truck, with the skid loader operator, the boy, being the more skilled of the two operators. After all, he had once picked up a quarter with a skid loader, or so he said.

Of course it rained the night before, so you had to overlook some of the puddles and slop, lest you spend the rest of the day in them; kinda like life. So the boy mixed dry dirt with the slop so we could work with it, though this created more work and everything seemed to move slowly.

Well the grays lowered and then turned into a mist. This made everything slick, which in turn made moving dirt even more difficult. But it wasn’t really all that bad, and in the end I only got the dump truck stuck once.

In time the mist stopped and the day lightened up and we began rolling with efficiency. The skilled operator explained how he wanted dirt dumped within six inches of a specific spot. After all that’s understandable, that was his skill level. But the college professor’s skill level was more like, “Thank you Jesus, we got this dumped in the correct county.” But the skid loader operator didn’t mind because that’s why God made skid loaders, to move dirt. Least that's what Papa said, and the boy agreed. So that’s just what we did, move dirt. As an aside, the dump truck driver actually did a pretty good job, a pretty good job indeed. Even the boy said so.

So what’s a college professor doing driving a dump truck?

Helping his boy, of course.

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