Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bloopers, College Style

We all make mistakes. We all have slips of the tongue, or sometimes fingers on the keyboard. Online college students who are taking a religion class are no exception.  The following are some that have crossed my computer screen over the years, copied as they originally appeared.

From submitted papers

Im thankful for the freedoms I have and the ability to cast a vote at the expense of others.

Abraham was a true and firm believer of God and his covenant was so important because God fulfilled his life and the life of his family, giving them so many blessings before his crucifixion.

Since evolutionary forces is the product of mankind, and not Gods creation it makes the ambiguous man real purpose.

Jesus was born during the error of Herod the great.

In the sixth century it is said to believe Jesus the holy son of God was born to a virgin by the name of Mary and David her husband, in the land of Bethlehem.

Luke also identifies that, Caesar Augustus made Mary and Jospeh vacate their house Nazareth and move to the house of Josephs antecedents.  This new place was the hosue of David.  The new house was too small, which forced Jesus to sleep in the manger.

The Pastor feels that the bible is the expired Word of God.

Unlike my religion which is Christianity, the Islam religion has its own set of beliefs.

During the concept, distribution and explanation of this paper will be explaining about the religions that I have done some extensive research and examined its meaning.

Is there a way to fix errors after submitting, your Discussion Board? I have tried on several threads, but it just wants me to write it all over again. It is bad enough that since Microsoft went into my computer, it does not work very well.

The crusades are another event that was led by Constantine in the fourth century to conquer battle for religious freedoms to break free from Roman influence.

The Jew made up over a third of the Jewish people in the world and half of the Jews in Europe.

Its told in the bible; which is the Christians holy book of God that Jesus would be born on a Holy day, born of a virgin and could be found in the City of Bethlehem by following the North star.

Christianity has about 2 billion members worldwide with 159 billion in the United States

When complaining about a grade

I worked really hard on this this paper. I didn't even know we had to write it like a legit paper.

From posted personal biographies

I hit half decade mark do not feel any older.

Iam married for thirty years, we have three wonderful children. One daughter married two sons in the service

Hello, my name is ________, and I am glad to back in class again.   I have five children, three girls and one son.

From describing a church visit

Directly across from the church is a very well kept community cemetery.  It provides a non-restrictive seating area for the congregation, a complete band, and space enough for praise dancers.

As I was waiting for the person that I was interviewing I did also see that the people that were involved for in this language were definitely a person a middle eastern decent with a second guessing at all.

[This church] is one of the smallest churches in the Napa valley, you could tell it had been around for a while, but when you enter the church the response from the members was completely infighting.

So as we chuckle over some of these comments, let us be all the more ready to chuckle at our own bloopers when we make them.

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